Spring Jewelry Making

Periodically, I like to shop my own jewelry collection and pull out the pieces that resonate with me for the upcoming season. This is the point where I take pieces apart and remake them, or if I don’t see myself wearing something again, I save the parts in my jewelry-making stash for future makes. I am very specific when it comes to necklace lengths, and end up shortening most of the ones I find thrifted. I use the leftover beads, in combo with random extras, to make a matching bracelet.

The last few weekends, I’ve used my lazy Sunday moments to do my Spring jewelry making. Below are the new-to-me pieces that resulted. This weekend, I came across the owl charm in the above photo, and couldn’t resist. I used a combination of new and old beads to make the set. Here are the other pieces that resulted from my jewelry-making extravaganza.


Green peacock necklace:  I have two of these peacock charms, which I purchased about ten years ago at Joann’s. The green beads were a me-made bracelet that wasn’t getting enough wear, considering that I have one in this color I like much better. I used the clasp from an old bracelet, pretty hardware from another old necklace, and created this new necklace. Now, when I wear my favorite green Tagua nut bracelet, this one doesn’t have to compete. I can wear the necklace with it as a set.

Taupe crystal necklace:  This necklace is a combination of three different me-made bracelets, random leftover beads, and a sterling silver clasp from a now defunct necklace I made 13 years ago. I love the neutral colors that can go with so many things. It’s sparkly enough to be used for dressy occasions.

20190304_100512(0) (1)
Turquoise and bronze beaded vintage necklace:  This was a longer necklace which I found in an antique mall last year. I shortened it to choker length, and made coordinating bracelets to match. I made the bracelets fairly monochromatic, so they can go easily with other outfits when I’m not wearing the necklace.

Purple iridescent beaded necklace:  This necklace is a combination of several me-made bracelets that never resonated with me. I have a peacock print Spring/Summer dress in these colors, and I look forward to wearing the two together. Maybe for Easter…

Green and copper beaded bracelets:
 My sister made me these earrings years ago, and I made this little bracelet from random scrap beads to go with it. I see this set getting a LOT of wear, considering the amount of green in my wardrobe. I also have a great Venetian glass necklace from Italy that will pair beautifully with them and deserves to get more wear.

Random bracelets:  In the interest of clearing out ALL of my stashes this year, I made a few extra bracelets from scrap beads. The one on the left includes a bead from an old hat that belonged to my grandfather. I got rid of the hat years ago, but kept the bead all these years. The one on the right is similar to the one above, using some of the same beads, yet incorporates a little coral – one of my favorite warm weather combos.

Well, there it is. Between donating unused bits of my stash to Austin Creative Reuse in January and my latest makes, my stash is nice and small, containing only the bits that I genuinely like and see myself using going forward. I can’t wait to see what future makes come into my life. I never know when I sit down and get started what I’ll end up with… it’s always an adventure!

This little stash serves me well

Things I Make


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