Black High-Waisted Dawn Jeans

This is my second pair of Megan Nielsen Dawn Jeans. The first pair was a complete experiment in creating the perfect vintage-style 40s/50s jeans. I added 1-1/4 inches to the already high rise of the straight-legged version (View B) after researching blog posts by pattern testers who had similar body types and fitting issues as myself. It was an adventure, but overall I was pleased with the result:

When I came across some black denim at the Saver’s Thrift Store in El Paso, TX over the holidays, I immediately added black straight-leg Dawn jeans to my #MakeNine2019. I really wanted to just make the pattern as it is, as a modern take on a classic fit jean, and considering the price of the fabric, why not!?

I’ve said it before, and it remains true: I’m not really a sewing tutorial kind of person. But here are the progress pics I took throughout the process:

I decided mid-project to add some pink top stitching details since the pocket and waistband lining are pink.

The result? I love these jeans! The only modifications I made were to add my usual 1/2 inch to the rise to accommodate my long torso (I do this in all my pants) and making a zip fly instead of a button fly (again, I always do this; not a fan of button fly). In hindsight, I think I would have been fine without the additional 1/2 inch. I also shortened the hemline a few inches to make them ankle-length, then deliberately left the edge raw so it can fray naturally. I truly think these would have been perfect straight out of the envelope, which makes me want to try more of her patterns.

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