I’ve been wading in shallow waters
But I think I’ve been wasting my time
As I try to belong to the shifting sands
Of a shore that is no longer mine

I’ve been crawling across the ocean
And peering into the deep
At a land that exists far beneath me
That I never will touch with my feet

Now I’m watching the sun rise above me
As this day of my life springs anew
And I’m wishing to reach across the ocean
And touch the horizon of You

I’ve been crawling around in the shadows
To search for the missing part
Of a tattered and shredded spirit
Of a shattered and broken heart

I’ve dug in the darkest corners
Of the darkest place in my soul
To uncover what may be lurking there
That keeps me from being whole

But I’ve discovered the tiniest flicker
A ray of light to cling to
That keeps me from total obscureness
It is the sunlight of You

— 1993


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